Pure NH Maple Syrup (Grade A)
  • Pure NH Maple Syrup (Grade A)
  • Pure NH Maple Syrup (Grade A)

Pure NH Maple Syrup (Grade A)

Product Description:

Grade A Amber and Dark

There’s nothing like pure maple syrup drizzled over piping hot pancakes fresh off the griddle! Also wonderful enjoyed as a topping for ice cream, in vinaigrettes and marinades, stirred into ice cold milk, and as a healthy alternative to sugar.

For a description of syrup grades, view our grade table.

Please contact us for quantities over 12.

See It Made:

We place roughly 5,000 taps in nearly 3,000 maple trees each winter.  Each tap is connected to a system of tubing that runs into our sap house.  Once collected, the sap is processed in our reverse osmosis machine which removes about 75% of the water from the sap.  We then boil the concentrated sap in our sugarhouse evaporator until it reaches the right level of sugar content of pure maple syrup.

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